Session: Digital Finance – Competing and Winning with Your Organizations Most Valuable Asset, Data

The volume of data being created by our machines, businesses and interactions is skyrocketing. Over the last seven years, the amount of data in the world has grown by a factor of ten. And, it continues to grow at an annual rate of 4,300 percent. So, to put it simply, we will all be drowning in data very soon. This shift in data creation and availability is redrawing the battle lines of business competition from the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ to ‘use’ and ‘use nots.’ Simply put, the winners of this fourth industrial revolution will be the organizations that can effectively and efficiently convert data of all varieties into a clear understanding of their position in the market and an actionable battle plan.

This session will dig into the pragmatics of what this change looks like to Finance and Operations and how business leaders need to evolve their thinking to ensure their teams are ready and able to manage and exploit data to gain competitive advantage. The discussion will also highlight where approaches and bias from our pasts will hamper progress. In summary,  this session is a primer on what the new world of data is going to look like, and the challenges it will present to the sustainability of the status quo.