Session: Here to L.E.A.D.

A practical guide for putting our leadership skills to work

Why am I here? Why am I not getting anything done or the results I desire? I’ve studied leadership, become a good leader, advanced in my career, diligently progressed and now I’m in a position of leadership. Now what? What does it all mean? What good are leadership skills if they are not applied to execute strategy, affect change and drive results?


  • Definition – what does it mean to you?
  • Skills
  • Tough decisions
  • Recognize why you are here and what your skills are for

Execute Strategy

  • You may or may not help develop strategy; you may or may not agree with strategy, regardless, as a leader, you are here to execute
  • All projects and priorities should help move the company towards a strategy, otherwise, why are we doing it?
  • How do we execute? Determine those projects/initiatives that will drive us towards strategy execution
  • Examples

Affect Change

  • Operational Excellence
  • Listen
  • Grab the low hanging fruit
  • Foster a spirit of ‘why not?’
  • Culture
  • Change can be slow going—prepare for marathon rather than a sprint

Drive Results

  • Identify/Determine Goal. What is the result you want?
  • Break it down for your team – top ten lists, top three, etc
  • Assign people
  • Hold people, including yourself, accountable
  • Follow up. Consistently. Frequently. Do not relent until completed. Focus. When you encounter stumbling blocks, figure out how to remove, get around and turn around. Use leadership skills of communication, negotiation, collaboration. Simple project management but with leadership skills. This is what leadership is all about. To L.E.A.D.