Workshop: Competitive Wargaming and Simulations

In the real world, most competitive issues are usually focused on tactical and operational problems or responses to emerging competitive threats rather than “grand strategy” initiatives that require external support and guidance to make actionable. This is why the hottest trend in business wargaming today is “skilling up” teams of internal facilitators with the ability to take on tactician support roles for exercises attacking the following seven (7) business problems:

  • Product Extensions and New Feature Design
  • New Market or Segment Entry with Existing Products and Services
  • Reacting to New Competitors with Asymmetric Market Power or Resources
  • Anticipating Disruptive Threats to your Business Model or Industry Structure
  • New Leadership Changes at Major Incumbent Competitors or your own Company
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances to Fortify Talent, IP or Product/Feature Development
  • Addressing Shifting Customer Needs/Wants Ahead of Competitor Reactions

In this workshop, we will introduce these seven specific applications that can be most commonly addressed by internal wargame tacticians. Every master strategist or tactician started out as a novice so, join this exciting presentation and begin your journey toward making wargames and competitive simulations more accessible and actionable in your organization.